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Nails of the week: Accent gold


Accent nails are simple and can add a pop of colour or in this case a pop of sparkle to your nails. 

Maybelline: Gold's Night Out (815)

When it comes to glitter nail polishes I'm a sucker for them. When I first got this nail polish I thought it would take a while to get the desired look I was going for but it was definitely not the case just after one coat it was perfect. A lot of glitter nail polishes either have fine glitter or big chunks, this one has a mixture of both fine and bigger pieces of glitter. I found this colour long lasting as you don't have to apply a lot of layer so it tends to last longer. It's good quality for the price.  

Loreal: Flashing Lilac (828) 

This might be one of my favourite colours. It's not purple and it's not pink. Though this colour is beautiful it's not very opaque as it looks in the bottle. The colour is very sheer and need a lot of coats, because you have to apply a lot of layers the nail polish will chip with out a decent top coat. Though the colour is beautiful it's not really worth the money. 

What's your favourite colour combo to use when it comes to your nails??? 

By: Priya Nandani


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