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Freeman Avocado & Oatmean Facial Mask Review

I'm the type of girl who uses face mask daily, I like to alternate from clay to sheet to peel of masks all in a week. Some people tell you that you should only do a facial mask once or twice a week but I believe if you alternate your mask you should have no problems with doing a mask every day before you go to bed or before a big event. So because of my big addiction to face mask I thought why not do a review of a new mask each week. 

Now I'm not really a big fan of sachet face mask I'd rather buy an entire tube but my friend pointed out it's good to try a sachet out before you buy a full bottle in case you don't like it, it wont be such a waste of money and product. So I'm a big avocado fan so when I saw this in my local Farmers I had to try it. The avocado & oatmeal mask helps by drawing out all the excess oils & dirt in the skin, it also helps to unclog pores and purifies them. So this mask is perfect for oily or oily combination skin types. Depending on the time of year my skin is oily combination I tend to get a really oily nose so this mask was perfect for me. 

Let me tell you getting into this little sachet was a mission for me and I was so determined to get it open with out using scissors after a tough battle the sachet won so in the end I had to use my scissors. Finally when I got it opened and squeezed out the product a thick light green clay came out. It was thick but easy to spread. I applied it all over down to my chest, This little tiny packet had soo much product in it I'm sure if you doing just your face you would have 3 uses. The mask also smelt amazing and it wasn't over powering like some clay mask.

After I let it dry I went and washed it off in the shower with warm water. Once I got out and dried myself I felt my skin was softer but not a big difference I carried on with my usual night routine. It wasn't till the next morning that I had noticed how soft my skin had become after my morning shower. I applied my usual moisturiser and decided not to put on my primer before I did my makeup. My foundation went on smoothly and the mask had reduced the size of my pores that my skin looked smooth. It was amazing. I didn't get any break outs after the use of the facial mask either. 

I would defiantly buy a full size of this mask especially for summer as my skin tends to be mostly oily then. This would also be good to use if you an event to the next day. 


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