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Lipstick Review: M.A.C Brave Red

Brave Red 

A Red lipstick seem to be my staple item. I have too many even for me to count. Lipsticks just happen to be something I collect especially red lipstick. Recently I discovered I didn’t own a single red M.A.C lipstick. So guess what I did? Yep, I purchased my first red M.A.C lipstick. So what red did I purchased you may ask? Well Brave Red of course. 

Brave Red is a blue based cremesheen (A cremesheen finish is a nice, soft, glossy finish lipstick.) lipstick. Just because it’s a cremesheen lipstick doesn’t mean it’s not highly pigmented which it is. 

Applying this lipstick is a dream. It goes on smoothly with one swipe. The lasting power however is not so great especially when you are going to be eating any time soon. Even though the lipstick is highly pigmented, however it dose bleed so you will need a lip liner underneath. I also wouldn’t recommend over drawing your lips with this red especially if you plan on eating as you could possible end up looking like the joker.  

My overall thought of this lipstick is, it’s a beautiful pigmented, creamy lipstick. Unfortunately it’s not one I reach for on a daily basis as it is more of an effort to apply and too much up keep while wearing this lipstick. I believe it’s more of a special occasion red lipstick one that doesn't involves eating. 

Priya Nandani


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