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April 2017 Favourites

How did April go by super fast? I pretty much feel like I blinked & missed it. I was on holiday so I did miss out on posting but I back for May. However we can't just forget about April just yet it is only fitting that I share a few of my favourite products in the month of April.

Sub 24 - Fresh + Flawless Facial Scrub

I love using a scrub to remove a thick layer of makeup, Sub 24 Fresh & Flawless Facial Scrub really gets into your pores & cleans them without it being harsh on your skin. After using Sub24 it leaves your skin feel soft ready for your next step of skincare.

Hello Hair - Hydrating Mask (Island Escape Edition)

Hello Hair Mask have become a staple in my weekly pamper routine. This mask leaves my hair feeling soft and full of life. If you want to learn more about it check out my blog post: 

Smashbox - Photo Finish Primer

Now I did a first impression on the Smahbox Photo Finish Primer & I kinda brushed it off as an okay primer, turns out I've been reaching for this primer more then I thought it would. Now this primer I normally pair it with a matte primer as matte primers can be really drying near the eye area I find the Smashbox Photo Ready Primer fills in the little lines under my eyes and keeps it hydrated leaving my concealer last all day long.If you want to check out my first impression check it out here:

L.A Girl -  Pro Conceal (Pure Beige)

When I first tried L.A Girl Pro Concealer I hated it mainly because I had gotten a dud, I went to go use it and oil just came out. So i pretty much dismissed it all together until recently when I noticed it was every beauty gurus favourite concealer, so I thought why not give it a whirl. So my second time around it was everything I was expecting. It is full coverage concealer that blended out beautiful with other products like foundation. What also stood out to me is that the Pro Concealer comes in a wide range of shades to the point that they even have colour correctors.

Australis - Velourlips (Buda-Pash)

Since it is finally Autumn I've been really into rocking my darker lips & Buda-Pash is the perfect Autumn shade when it comes to lips. It's a dark burnt red that goes well with any complexion & with it being a matte finish it doesn't budge. Though it can be drying at times paired with a hydrating lip balm this is the ultimate Autumn shade.


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