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Hello Hair Mask Review

When it comes to hair care there is nothing more relaxing then putting on a hair mask after a long week of work or school, not only is it therapeutic but it's beneficial to your hair. Hello Hair Mask are hands down my favourite oil based hair mask to use as they contain Coconut, Argan & Almond these are just some of the oils listed in the ingredients that leave your hair feeling nourished, soft & full of body. 

You can pick up your very own Hello Hair Mask online at: It retails for $15.00 AUD for a 100g pack. It's great for the price as you can use one packet up to 3 times for medium to short hair. It's easy store away with out worrying about spilling it everywhere as it has a cap you can screw back on unlike other hair mask where once you rip it open you have to use all of it. 

Something I really love about Hello Hair Mask is it is so simple to use, you massage it through your hair & scalp. Leave your hair wrapped up in a towel then after 30mins (sometimes I leave it in longer) rinse it out and then you'll feel the difference instantly. I tend to use my Hello Hair Mask once a week on the weekend as I don't have time during the week after work, I find it a great way to destress & pamper myself.

Not only is this mask affordable but it actually dose what it is meant to. It hydrates your hair keeping your hair soft and feeling repaired from all the damaged you put it through. Also Hello Hair Mask smells amazing. 

Have you tried Hello Hair Mask? What do you love about it? 


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