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Revolution X Soph Extra Spice Review

Revolution x Soph Extra Spice pallet has finally landed in selected Farmers stores & online. If you don't know who Soph is she's beauty youtuber from the UK & the Extra Spice pallet is Sophs second collaboration with Revolution. This pallet isn't the newest pallet since it was launched June 6th in the UK but it is defiantly new to beauty lovers in NZ & just in time for summer.

Revolution is makeup brand known for being super affordable with the Extra Spice pallet retailing for $24.50(NZD) for 18 shadows which works out to be $1.25(NZD) per shadow with each shadow being 0.8g. This pallet has 6 highly pigmented shimmer shades and 12 buildable matte shades. The Extra Spice pallet is defiantly more of a warm tone pallet with the exception of 3 shadows. A major thing to note about this pallet is that it's not only cruelty-free but also vegan. 

The shimmer shadows are creamy with the same formula as all their other shimmer shadows from previous pallets by Revolution, they are also really pigmented & there is no problem with fall out. You can build the shimmer shades up but if you're short on time you can always go in with a damp brush that will pick up more product. You also don't need a primer for these shadows to work well on the eye. 

The matte shadow shades also are more on the creamy side then chalky but they do need to be built up which isn't a problem for me as I can be very heavy handed when it comes to packing on colour. These shadows seamlessly blend into each other with even distribution and have great pigmentation. You also don't need to use a primer for these shadows as they perform well on its own. 


Everyday: Is a shimmery purple-pink duo-chrome shadow with a white glitter perfect for the inner corner highlight & brow bone.

Running Late: Is a matte orange that can be used in the crease or as an all over lid shade.

Infinity: Is a metallic silver which can be used as an inner corner highlight or as a lid colour. 

Cheese Cake: Is a matte warm tone chestnut brown that can be used in the crease or as a transition shade for those with a deeper skin tone.

Cookie Dough: Is a matte light warm tone brown which is a perfect transition colour or base colour.  

Dreams: Is a shimmery warm tone champagne orange gold that can be used all over the lid or in the inner corner highlight. This is also a shade that can be used all on its own. 

Vitamin C: Is a matte yellow that can be used to brighten up any look. This shade can be used as a transition shade or as an inner corner highlight. 

Sweet N Sour: Is a matte sunset orange that can be used on the lid or as a crease shade. 

Twenty-One: Is a matte red with a pink undertone which is really the stand out shade in this pallet. You can use this shade in the crease or if you just want to add a pop of colour then use this shade on your lower lash line.

Romance: Is a shimmery burgundy shade which is a beautiful all over lid shade. 

Enchanted: Is a matte burgundy shade that is perfect to use in the crease and lash line. You can use this shade to give yourself a beautiful smokey eye.

Lakes: Is cool tone matte brown with a green undertone that can be used as a transition colour when creating a cool tone look.

Brownies: Is a classic matte cool toned brown perfect for a smokey eye or just to deepen the outer V.

Chocolate Brown: Is warm tone matte brown with an orange undertone that can be used as a crease colour or a transition shade for deeper skin tones.

Mulled Wine: Is a warm tone muted purple you can use this shade to add a pop of colour on your lower lash line or you could use it all over your lid.

LA Sun: Is a warm tone gold shimmer shade that can be used in the inner corner or if you want to stand out why not put it all over the lid. 

Aurora: Is a beautiful dual tone shimmer green with a gold reflect, you can use this shade all over the lid.

Reputation: Is a cool tone matte coal shade that can be used to deepen the outer V or to smoke up the bottom lash line. You can also use this as a liner to create a defused cat eye.

The packaging on the pallet is as beautiful as the shadow shades. The unit carton is rose gold with matte gold & black text. It has a picture of the shadow shades along with the name on the back, the ingredient list is also written on the back with the pallet/brand details & the cruelty-free bunny. The pallet itself is stunning with the lid being a rose gold mirrored finish with matte text on top, the rest of the pallet is a nude matte finish. Inside you get a full mirror and all the shadows have their shades names directly underneath. On the back, you have a label with the ingredient list & pallet details. 

Final thoughts: 

This pallet is beautiful inside and out, especially for the price. The Extra Spice pallet can be used by beginners as you can build up the colours which make it user-friendly & all the shades work well together so you don't need a secondary pallet. The Extra Spice pallet is a pallet I would recommend to my family and my friends which are obviously you guys. 

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