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Narrative Lab Fragrance Review

It’s weird how a scent can take you back in time and let you relive a memory almost like you’ve time traveled. We all splurge of fragrances as each scent helps you navigate through life. I’m defiantly someone who chooses her scent based on her mood.

When Narrative Lab reached out to me, they truly intrigued me as they also believed that a scent can inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Another thing that stood out was the fact that they weren’t just your standard perfume company that stuck a fragrance in a glass bottle with a celebrity being the face of it. Narrative Lab went a different route they created solid perfumes along with Parfum Oil Roller. The product products are Vegan-friendly, Paraben-free, Cruelty-free, Travel Friendly.

Solid Perfume – Awaken

I’m not one to use solid perfumes as I’m always in a rush out the door every morning (I constantly sleep through my alarms) so most of the time I just spritz on whatever is on the corner of my dresser or some days I forget and end using a fragrance at work.  The great thing about narrative lab solid perfume is that they’re soo travel friendly.

The packing is in a sleek metal casing the same size as a credit card so it’s small enough to fit into your handbag or pocket. It has magnates closer, so you don’t have the fear of it opening up in your bag and the best part is it’s solid, so you won’t have it out spilling everywhere.

Awaken is a fragrance described on the site as: ‘Smells like belonging to something bigger. Floral with notes of fresh jasmine and gentle sweet tones of honey.’ Now, this is defiantly a sweet-smelling fragrance with a few earthy tones as well.

Top Notes: Sea Salt, Dew Accord
Heart Notes: Jasmin, Mandarin
Base Note: Honey, Cedarwood

The Narrative of the fragrance: I’m stepping forward into a better me and letting go of all that’s been holding me back. I’ve been afraid to take a risk for far too long. I now believe my potential is endless and I’m ready to recreate myself. Today I let perseverance be my engine.

When you receive the fragrance, it comes in a beautiful gift box along with an affirmation card. The product retails for $99AUD, you can also buy the refills for $59AUD

My overall thoughts: I can’t fault the idea, concept, executions, and final product. It’s an amazing product. When you receive it in the mail you feel as though you are opening a very lux product. The scent is defiantly for a sweet tooth and would call it more of a summer fragrance. The price point is on par with other fragrances and if you need a top-up the refills are more on the affordable side.  

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