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Shannon Harris or better known as her youtube user name Shaaanxo launched a beautiful green tone pallet called Native, which is inspired by New Zealand's flora and fauna in October 2020. As a Kiwi myself I was very proud of Shannon when I heard about the launch because she had created something soo beautiful that represented our country in makeup form, but not only that she bought to light how endangered some of New Zealand's wildlife is. 

This review is a bit late as I had been meaning to get my hands on it when it launched but it had sold out however I was blessed enough to have received it as a birthday present from a loving family member who knows me a little too well. 

The Native pallet is a 12 colour eyeshadow pallet with each pan of shadow having 1.6G/0.056OZ of product. There are 5 matte shades and 7 shimmer shades. The Native pallet retails for $54.99 NZD, which is a bit more on the pricey side but you can tell its price point matches with the quality of the product.

When it comes to the packaging the pallet has a slim and beautiful design from the artwork to the shade range. This pallet is lightweight as it is made out of sturdy cardboard and is perfect to travel with as it comes with a mirror. 

The shadows themselves are buttery to the touch and blend with each other seamlessly. The matte shades are highly pigmented and have little fall out so if you're someone who likes to do your base before eyes this is the pallet for you. The shimmer shades also have little fall out with the exception of the shade Maui as this shade has micro glitters in it and with blending glitter eyeshadow you tend to have a bit of fall out however, you can also use a little bit of setting spray on your brush or use your ring finger and pat this shade on. 

Shades from top to bottom: 

Kiwi - Named after NZ's favorite mini flightless bird this shade is a warm tone creamy matte brown that melts into the skin like butter. 

Maui - Maui named after the endangered dolphins. This shade is silver with micro glitters. Maui has an almost light pink undertone to it when swatched.

Ruru - Named after the NZ favorite Owl also known as Morepork. This is another creamy matte brown with a yellow undertone and is the perfect transition shade in the pallet. 

Pekapeka - Pekapeka is named after the Maori word for Bats which can be found all across NZ. This shade is a shimmering light copper shade.

Falcon-  Named after the only falcon we have in NZ. Falcon is a creamy matte brown with a cool undertone that is perfect for deepening the crease or outer V.

Manuka- Manuka Honey is something NZ is famous for but did you know it's named after the actual flower? Even though this shade looks white/pearlescent in the pan don't let it fool you, this shade is a light-toned gold shimmer. 

Kakapo- Names after the flightless owl parrot only found in NZ. Kakapo is a gold shimmer with a green shift perfect for an inner eye highlight. 

Weka - Weka is a flightless bird found in NZ, they are considered to be highly endangered and vulnerable. The Shade Weka is a beautiful mustard yellow matte that applies smoothly and seamlessly blend out. 

Archey- Named after the NZ Frog found in the North Island. Archey is a true copper shimmer shade. 

Kea- Kea is named after the checky parrot bird found in the North Island Alpine. This is a beautiful green shade with a gold shimmer shift. 

Tuatara - Named after NZ oldest living creature this beautiful reptile has graced NZ for 250 million years and has survived extinction. Tuatara is a khaki creamy matte shade. 

Kowhai - Kowhai is not just the Maori world for yellow but also a native tree that blooms yellow flowers. Kowhai in the pallet is a true yellow gold shimmer shade. 

Overall this pallet is beautiful from the outside graphic details on the packaging to the shades selection. Each shade in this pallet truly represents the colours found in Aotearoa. Even though this pallet is a bit on the pricey side it's definitely an investment pallet to have as you can create not only a natural everyday look but also create a beautiful green look with the Native pallet. 

You can pick this pallet up online:


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