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Fenty Beauty Ease Drop Blurring Skin Tint Review (Shade 11)

Fenty Beauty has really been changing up the makeup game (They were after all the brand that launched 50 inclusive foundation shades at their first product launch.) so there was no surprise when Rihanna launched the Ease Drop Skin Tint it sold out immediately, It was a mission for a while to get my hands on the product to review because of all the buzz surrounding the product. Soo was all the hype around it worth it? 

Right off the bat, you need to realize that this is NOT a foundation! It is a Skin Tint / Tinted Moisturiser. If you’re expecting a full coverage foundation like the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation this product is not for you.

This is a 32ml frosted plastic bottle of product that has a geomatic shape going on like her other products. It is super lightweight and if you were to travel with it you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting damaged in a makeup bag. The outer carton packaging has the classic Fenty Beauty design with a shade swatch on the top. You don’t see any instructions on the box until you open it and on the flap; it tells you to shake well. This is something that I totally would've missed had I not been reviewing the product. It also has it written in an extremly small font on the bottle I would have completely missed a vital part of the process of using this product had it not been for this review. 

Figuring out what shade was right for me was a bit difficult due to the fact NZ was in lockdown and I couldn’t really pop into my local Sephora and get a colour match however, the Sephora website has a colour matching feature and there are swatches on the Fenty Beauty Website. Even with all the resources, I still struggled to pick the right shade I still got one that was 2 shades too dark but thankfully because this is a skin tint I could still make it work and with summer around the corner It might work better for me with a bit of a tan. 

The Ease Drops claim to have a light to medium coverage. I would definitely say this is light coverage and you can still see skin imperfections after the first application however it is defiantly buildable to medium coverage but I would not recommend it to people with oily skin.

For reference, my skin type is oily and is acne-prone soo I tend to have imperfect skin. My perfect MAC shade is NC37, I would say shade 11 which is the shade I picked up would be perfect for someone who is NC42. I tested the Ease Drops out 3 days straight with different methods so I could really write an in-depth review on the product. 

Day 3 of wearing Fenty Beauty Ease Drop Blurring Skin Tint - Shade 11.

Day 1 - I wore the Ease Drops on top of the Marc Jacobs Blurring Primer which is a silicon-based primer. I decided that since it is basically a tinted moisturizer to go old school and just use my fingers to apply it and it definitely just blended into nothingness which is great for someone with perfect skin however having an oily skin type that is acne-prone I noticed this product did not sit well on top of blemishes. I also struggled with applying it to my nose which is the oiliest part on my face and the product just would not sit on there. I figured out that this product didn’t work well with silicon-based primers as it slipped and slid on my nose area.  

Day 2 - I had a bit of a headache and noticed how fragrant the product actually is (so if you are sensitive to fragrance this may not be the product for you.). I decided not to use a primer this time around as my skin was already hydrated from my skincare routine. This time I used a sponge, so I dotted on the product with my fingers then used a wet blending sponge from Morphe to blend out the product. The sponge immediately decided to soak up the product so then I went back to using my fingers. I also wanted to see how the product would layer was it really buildable to a medium coverage? Yes, it was. Layering the product gave a bit more coverage to my blemishes but there was a downside my skin looked like an oily mess an hour later, as I decided not to set it as it was after all a skin tint and I do tend to skip out on powdering my face most days. 

Day 3 - They say the third time’s a charm and honestly, I had lost all hope for the Ease Drops working for me but I was determined to give an in-depth review on this product! I started the day off with my skincare and again I decided to skip the primer. I wanted to see if a brush would work better with this product so I picked up my BH Cosmetics 123 brush and after dotting on the tint I started buffing it out and to my surprise, the brush was not soaking up all the product it was blending into my skin with ease and I decided I wanted more coverage and layered the product on which blended perfectly fine except for on my blemishes so I went in with my L.A girl Pro Concealer which worked well on top of the skin tint. Today I didn’t want to take any risk so I decided to set the product with the Hourglass Veil Setting Powder in Translucent as it is a very fine powder, I found that the product sat perfectly on top of the skin tint and didn’t shift any of the products underneath. All the face products blended and sat well on top of the Ease Drops. I went on with my day 3 hours later I looked at myself in the mirror and I was an oily mess! I tried powdering again but the product just moved around. I decided then to just admit defeat, so remove my full beat face and gave up all hope on it. 

So would I recommend this to you? No, and yes… If you’ve got oily skin, I’d suggest you skip this product as it’s just not made for us oily humans. If you're trying to cover skin blemishes with just a tint then this product is also not for you. However, if you've got normal to dry skin this product will be right up your alley especially if you're looking for something lightweight that defuses into your skin. Just remember this is not a foundation and is a tinted moisturiser. 



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