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Huxley Skin Care Review

When it comes to skincare K Beauty have been making headlines recently from bubble mask to their 10 step skincare that gives you flawless glass like skin. I started using Korean skin care when I was introduced to sheet mask a few years back, now fast forward a few years and most nights I use a sheet mask before bed. With all the online buzz in recent months I really wanted to venture out and try more Korean Skincare, I was lucky enough that sent me a Huxley deluxe sample skin care gift set to try. 

Huxley is a brand loved by all especially Korean Flight attendants. Flight attendants tend to suffer from dehydrated stressed skin due to the environment of an airplane as the air is recycled which can suck the moisture out of skin. Huxley products actually contains a few ingredients with one of the main ingredients being Prickly Pear which is from the cactus family. There has been recent studies on the oil produced from the Prickly Pear and they have found that the oil is enriched in Vitamin E and Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidant. Also for many years people have used the Prickly Pear to help heal wounds. 

Huxley Cleansing Water

When I first opened Huxley Cleansing Water I was hit with a beautiful scent of floral that gave the product more of a luxury feel, however if you are not a fan of scented products you might have to give this one a miss as it is a strong fragrance. When I first used this product I didn’t think much of it but I continued to use it, a few days later I started to enjoy the cleansing water. It left my skin feeling moisturised as it leaves a layer of oil behind on the skin which keeps my skin feeling hydrated. Even though there is a layer of oil left behind I did not find any blocked pores. After I remove my makeup with a makeup wipe I like the use The Cleansing Water as I find the Cleansing Water removing all the remaining makeup on the skin. 

Huxley Cleansing Gel 

When I opened the Huxley Cleansing Gel I was hit with the same floral scent which I did not mind as the scent did not linger on the skin. Huxley Cleansing Gel is a low-pH moisturising cleanser. I was surprised to find that the Cleansing gel lathered up to a foam as the texture of it is a liquid  Clear Gel. I use this product right after The Huxley Cleansing water at night I found that even though I’m double cleansing the product dose not strip my skin of its natural oils. I would also use the Huxley Cleansing Gel on my non makeup days and in the morning and found it left my skin feeling soft. Huxley Cleansing Gel is better used after removing your makeup as it will not remove it but instead move it around on your face so if you do wear makeup you should pair it up with the Huxley Cleansing Water. 

Huxley Scrub Mask 

Just like the Cleansing Water and Cleansing Gel the Huxley Scrub Mask smells just like them. I used the Huxley Scrub Mask as a facial scrub in the shower. I found that the Scrub Mask warms up the skin when rubbing it in. I have a very dry and flaky nose so when I used The Scrub mask around the area It removed the dry flakey skin and also unblocked clogged pores. 

Huxley Toner

It wasn’t until I opened the Toner that I realised that Huxley products have the same exact scent as the rest of the products in the range. The Huxley Toner claims to help maintain the pH balance in you skin. It has 90% natural ingredients and alcohol with it being a water free formula. After using it for a week I found my skin feeling smoother. My skin still felt hydrated as it is a very mild toner. 

Huxley Healing Mask

Yes the Healing Mask also has the same exact scent as its sister products. I found that the healing mask soothed my skin and gave it extra hydration, it also felt cool and refreshing and this may be because of the orange peel extract & Centella Asiatic extract. However the jelly like texture kind of threw me off a bit as a lot of mask with the same texture tend to be a peel off mask but with the Huxley Healing Mask you wash it away in the shower. 

Huxley Sleeping Mask 

Now I had never used a sleeping mask before unless you count falling asleep in a sheet mask. So using a sleeping mask was a new concept for me. I found that when I used this at night the next morning I would wake up with my skin feeling revitalised & plump. Unlike think night creams it did not leave my face feeling greasy in the morning. Due to the Prickly Pear oil extract I felt while I was sleeping it repaired my skin. 

Overall Huxley is a unique skin care range. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, plump and tighter. I would defiantly recommend Huxley to anyone who is looking for a new skincare perfect for people with normal, dry to oily combination skin all you have to do is find a combination of products that will work for you. 


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